Local Environment Required:

  • Web Server: => XMAPP or WAMP or IIS
  • Database: => MySQL 5.x
  • PHP version: => PHP 5.x

Install Full Web Server
And Database

=> For macOS please setup follow this link: Install XMAPP for macOS

=> For Windows please setup follow this link: Install WAMPv for Windows

Step 1: Import Database

=> Access to your Database phpmyadmin.

=> Create new Database and name it with "gamification".

=> Import file "gamification.sql" put inside purchased package.

Step 2: Extract Purchased Package

=> Extract zip file "" to have "lottery folder" .

=> Copy "lottery folder" to "htdocs folder" of XAMPP server.

Step 3: Edit Config File

=> Open file config.php put inside purchased package.

Step 3.1: Edit Config File

=> Change dbname, username (user login database), password to your database information.

Step 4: Set 0777 Permissions

We will need set up full read & write permissions for purchased package "lottery"

=> For macOS: Open terminal and run this command: chmod -R 0777 /Applications/XAMPP/htdocs/lottery/

=> For Windows: Please watch this video to see how to grant full read & write permissions.

Note: When you've upload purchased package onto your own host please set full read & write permissions again through "CPanel" of your host.

Please contact me via email or Skype: hung.nguyenvan84 for free support.

Final Step
Access Admin Page

=> Access to Lottery Admin http://localhost/lottery/

=> Signup new account and enjoy your Lottery Random System!

How to use

Please follow "Quick Star" feature from "Admin Panel" or watch my Youtube channel to see how it works:

=> CLick me: Lottery Quick Star Play List

Thank you for purchased!
Hung Nguyen